A Peek Behind the Scenes of the World's Biggest Strip Club

Tootsie's just clinched the title of the world’s largest strip club, and boy, are they proud of it! With a whopping 76,000 square feet to its name, this place is a behemoth of adult entertainment and excitement. Let's take a casual stroll through the ins and outs of how Tootsie's operates.

biggest strip club in the world tootsies Two Floors of Fun
First off, picture this: two floors of seating, a bunch of themed VIP rooms, and Skybox seating offering killer views of the entire club and stage. Oh, and let's not forget about Knockers Sports Bar, where sports fans can catch all the action while chowing down on endless chicken wings. It's basically paradise for both sports enthusiasts and strip club aficionados alike!

Celebrity Love
Now, here's the juicy part: Tootsie's is a celebrity hotspot. While we're all about respecting privacy, we've heard through the grapevine that stars like Uncle Luke and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson have given Tootsie's some major shoutouts on their podcasts and social media. Even Drake has waxed poetic about those famous "Shoulder Rubs" on the second floor, and Pitbull's Song gives Tootsie's an "I Love that!" Shout. Plus, MTV's Ridiculousness couldn't resist mentioning Tootsie's famous lobster tails. Talk about A-list endorsement!

Making it work
But let's talk logistics. How does Tootsie's keep the party going in such a massive space? Well, according to Manager Mehall, it's all about using the latest business tools to stay on top of things. From ensuring there's never a shortage of food and drinks to making sure there's enough staff to handle the thousands of guests who swing by each day, Tootsie's has got it covered. And let's not forget about the entertainment factor. With an endless roster of performers vying to strut their stuff at the world's biggest strip club, there's never a shortage of sexy entertainers or dull moment. Plus, Tootsie's has an in-house team dedicated to keeping all the TVs running smoothly for sports viewing and making sure the DJ's playlist is always on point. They even have their own furniture team to keep the place looking sharp!

strip club tootsies foodPut Tootsie's on your Bucket List
At the end of the day, Tootsie's isn't just a strip club—it's an experience. Whether you're in it for the adult entertainment or just want to tick off a visit to the largest strip club in the world from your bucket list, Tootsie's promises to deliver a night you won't soon forget.