What to expect at Tootsie’s Cabaret Miami: The biggest strip club in America

Sounds a bit overwhelming, however the largest strip club in the world is anything but overwhelming.  More like a sensory overload, Tootsie’s boasts over 76,000 square feet of untainted fun, sports and over 150 fully nude entertainers performing on any given night.   The Las Vegas themed mega complex is patronized by a large middle-class crowd from all walks of life.  Many find the atmosphere at Tootsie’s to be comfortable and inviting as Tootsie’s usually draws a steady stream of regular customers.

The main club is the embodiment of the popular tourist attraction seen on the strip, but with amazing light and sound system and plenty of fresh AC.  The main floor area is full of enthusiastic women arm in arm with guests at the ATM, wondering off to the VIP rooms, bustling at tables with guests enjoying cocktails.

The 2 story club is reminiscent of a child in Disneyland, except it would be called Sexyland. Downstairs you’ll find 2 bars, lots of table seating and large crowds gathering around the 400 square foot stage. That stage highlights two 30 ft pole where dancers twists, twerk, kick their heels and arch their back for the men and women anxiously stuffing garters with dollar bills.  It’s also nice to see the latest sports game playing over the jumbotron TV located right over the stage.

Upstairs you’ll find Next Level seating with another bar, private skyboxes and lounge that have panoramic unobstructed views of Sexyland, aka Tootsie’s.  This is where you’ll find the plush seating and the Ultra VIP treatment where it is not uncommon to see the biggest celebrities and athletes making it rain right next to you. 

If you need a change of view from the Las Vegas Strip, just travel to the back where you will find Knockers, a sports bar located inside Tootsie’s.  The walls are covered in sports memorabilia, 11 projection screens and tons of TVs. You can play pool and throw darts. The sports bar caters to sports fans looking to enjoy the games, food and casually look at the girls.

And if you aim to sink your teeth into a different kind of flesh, servers are ready to take your order for steak, lobster, buffalo wings and whatever morsel you’re in the mood for.

Out of all this, the guests at Tootsie’s probably enjoy the dances the most.  The attention and flirtatious endeavor from gorgeous busty women prove that virtual reality or cam girls can’t beat the real up close and personal experience of a private dance that leaves you with reminiscences of erotic perfume and sticky glitter that lingers forever.   

Well there you have it the bare facts of what to expect when visiting the largest strip club in the United States.  Stop by Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami anytime to experience it for yourself.